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Large Sweet Box

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Go big or go home, with the perfect gift for Halal sweet lovers! The Large Halal Sweet Box includes 16 delicious flavours from our range, all packaged to perfection in our luxury gift box.

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12 reviews for Large Sweet Box

  1. BHK1

    There must be like 2kg of sweets in one of these boxes haha. And they’re all delicious. 5 stars cos this is a great present!!!

  2. amina233

    Kids loved them, there was even enough for them to share, very pleased!

  3. AamiraK

    Bought this a a treat for my son, safe to say he really like them (gone in about a week). Delivery was a bit slower than last time tho so only 4 stars, still great service and products!

  4. Rutba Hanif

    I bought this for my nephews birthday and it totally exceeded my expectations. The sweets tasted amazing and made a great gift. Everyone loved them !!! Would buy them again.

  5. Dulce J

    I got gifted one of these boxes and needless to say I had a hard time not eating them in one sitting. Definitely exceeded my expectations can’t wait to get more !

  6. Shaniya aara

    I was expecting really dull tasting sweets because in my local area the halal sweets have no flavours and don’t even begin to look as good as these did. Such an amazing present

  7. Naz

    Literally each time I see them in mall luton I end up buying loads lol didn’t see them for some time but Allahumdulillah good to have you back customer service is always 100 keep up the amazin work ❤️

  8. Asif


    I want to order 2 boxes which go to different addresses, is that possible or will I have to do seperate orders?

    Also, when is the earliest you will deliver

    When will you have the 16.99 boxes in stock?


  9. N

    Received this as a gift and must say I really did love it!! The sweets are so tasty.

  10. Aara niya

    Great variety

  11. Aara niya

    Listened to my instructions there was a good amount of variation in the box and not mad at the price as it is really affordable

  12. Katy McCafferty

    My mum who is 81 phone me @ eid to order this. She has fabulous neighbors who treat her like family and she wanted to get the kids something she said make sure it ok for them . They are a beautiful muslim family. #eid #neighours #unityandcommunity

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Various flavours. To see ingredients for individual flavours visit the Halal Pick & Mix category. Ingredients for each flavour can be found on the product page (under the ingredients tab).

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